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Getting Ready For Your Kitten

What a sweet girl …2 Months

ADJUSTMENT TIME: When you arrive home, please don’t overwhelm your kitten with a lot of visitors. There will be plenty of time to show off your kitten after he/she has adjusted to its new family and surroundings. It is best NOT to make the entire house available to the kitten immediately. Start with putting the kitten in one small room (preferably the room where the litter box will be) and as the kittens adjusts, start making other rooms available. Ragdolls are very adaptable to their environment so all of this should only take a few days.

FOOD: Please check with us in regards to the current wet and dry we are using.

We also feed a special raw meat diet during the weaning process, this is also a great option for you to feed to your kitten. If you are interested in exploring a raw meat diet please feel free to ask, I would be more than happy to help you.

There are many canned foods out there to choose from. When searching for foods remember that your cat is an obligate carnivore and needs only meats in his/her diet. Look for foods that contain no or a minimal amount of fruits or vegetables and grains..

We order most of our kitten foods and supplies on chewy.com

WATER: Your kitten has only been on bottled or filtered water. So if you switch to tap water, your kitten can get loose stools for a period of time. We recommend clean, purified water available to him/her at all times.

LITTER: For litter and letterbox options please check with us for our current usage.

GROOMING: We recommend using a steel comb to comb your kitten daily. They love the attention and this regular grooming will keep them used to being combed, which will be nice when they becomes adults and need that grooming.. Clip nails on a weekly basis to keep your kitten from unwanted scratching. Please, Please DO NOT Declaw your kitten. Declawing can cause behavioral and litter problems!

TOYS: Kittens LOVE Toys!! But remember not to leave wand or feather toys available for your kitten when you are not around. They can be a choking hazard. I also always recommend to remove any feathers on toys


Electrical cords are toys to chew on for kittens. To keep your kitten safe, you can purchase the black loom split tubing, and slip it over your cords. You can purchase it from Amazon.com. HERE

Also, kittens are like toddlers and will chew on just about anything. So make sure all small objects are picked up because your kitten will eat it.

Recliner Chairs are also very dangerous around kittens. They think they are fun places to hide and when the recliner comes down they can be seriously injured.