5-Star Rags Ragdolls

Beautiful, sweet, healthy Ragdolls from Hollister, California


Welcome to the home of 5 Star Rags Gorgeous Girls!

Our cats are our family, first, and we are honored to work to breed only the very highest of quality Ragdolls.
All of our cats are DNA tested HCM NEGATIVE

RW QGC Adorabledolls Rosie of 5 Star Rags

Rosie is Blue Lynx Mitted Girl that steals the show. She is a beautiful, outgoing cutie with the most stunning blue eyes. Rosie came to us from Adorabledolls. Thank You Carol Jaquez for this beautiful baby. We LOVE her!


5StarRags Annabella Blu (Bella)

Bella is a blue bicolor cutie that is a little party girl. Sweet as they come but has to be in the middle of everything we do.

DSC_0051 2


Adorabledolls Desiree of 5StarRags

Desiree is a seal Bicolor sweetie that came from Carol and Stuart of AdorableDolls. Desiree is a big, sweet girl that loves to cuddle. I can’t wait to see the cute babies Desiree will produce.



RW SGC 5StarRags Gabriella

Gabby is a seal Lynx Bicolor. Gabby did very well in the show halls earning her Supreme Grand Champion in a very short time. She is now being a mommy and makes the cutest kittens.



5 StarRags Kelsey

Kelsey is a blue bicolor girl from our own breeding. Kelsey is a sweetheart and loves her attention.



5StarRags Brook

Brook is a seal bicolor girl from Nicky. Brook loves to be around us all the time and is a doll baby.



Mirumkitty Montana of 5StarRags

Montana is a seal lynx bicolor girl that came to us from Judit Jozan in Hungary. Montana is a sweetie with most outgoing personality. She loves to sit on our laps and get her loving.



QGC 5StarRags Dakota

Dakota is a blue bicolor girl that is always wanting attention. Dakota is from AdorableDolls Jaylynn. Dakota did very well in the show halls becoming a Triple Grand Champion in a short time. She is very sweet and is ready to become a mommy. We can’t wait to see her babies.



5StarRags Jasmine (AKA Jazzy)

Jazzy is a blue mitted girl from our Rosie. She is a BIG girl that loves attention and is always following us around wanting to be into whatever we are doing.



AdorableDolls Riley of 5StarRags

Riley is a seal mitted girl that has the best personality ever and the most gorgeous blue eyes. She is always trying to get attention from everybody and greets anybody that comes into our home. Riley came to us from Carol and Stuart Jaquez of AdorableDolls. Thank you Carol for our baby girl Riley. We LOVE her.



5StarRags Chloe

Chloe is a blue bicolor girl from our Rosie and She is the sister to our sweet Camryn. Chloe is a big girl that loves to play. She is always into the middle of anything we try to do. Her favorite thing is to “help” make the bed in the morning. Of course this takes a lot longer than it should.