5-Star Rags Ragdolls

Beautiful, sweet, healthy Ragdolls from Hollister, California


Welcome to the home of 5 Star Rags Gorgeous Girls!

Our cats are our family, first, and we are honored to work to breed only the very highest of quality Ragdolls.
All of our cats are DNA tested HCM NEGATIVE

RW QGC Adorabledolls Rosie of 5 Star Rags

Rosie is Blue Lynx Mitted Girl that steals the show. She is a beautiful, outgoing cutie with the most stunning blue eyes. Rosie came to us from Adorabledolls. Thank You Carol Jaquez for this beautiful baby. We LOVE her!



Adorabledolls Desiree of 5StarRags

Desiree is a seal Bicolor sweetie that came from Carol and Stuart of AdorableDolls. Desiree is a big, sweet girl that loves to cuddle. Desiree makes the cutest babies.


5 StarRags Kelsey

Kelsey is a blue bicolor girl from our own breeding. Kelsey is a sweetheart and loves her attention. Kelsey is such a good mommy and makes the cutest, sweetest kittens.



5StarRags Brook

Brook is a seal bicolor girl from our own breeding. Brook loves to be around us all the time and is a doll baby. Brook is now a mommy and makes some cute kittens.


AdorableDolls Riley of 5StarRags

Riley is a seal mitted girl that has the best personality ever and the most gorgeous blue eyes. She is always trying to get attention from everybody and greets anybody that comes into our home. Riley came to us from Carol and Stuart Jaquez of AdorableDolls. Thank you Carol for our baby girl Riley. We LOVE her.



5StarRags Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn is a seal bicolor sweetie pie and very nosey. Marilyn is one of the nosey into everything ragdolls. She will be right in our business usually hoping to get an extra treat. 



USAPURRS Blake of 5StarRags

Blake is a blue bicolor girl that is super sweet and very big. Blake came to us from USAPurrs all the way from Florida. Thank you Bri for our sweet girl Blake. We love her to pieces.



AdorableDolls Kayla of 5StarRags

Kayla is a blue bicolor sweetheart that came from Carol Jaquez of AdorableDolls. Thank you Carol for our sweet girl,  Kayla. We love her so much.



5StarRags Lilly

Lilly is a blue bicolor sweetheart from our own breeding. This little doll baby loves to sleep cuddled up to me all night long.


5StarRags Zoey

Zoey is a blue bicolor girl from our own breeding. Zoey is a quiet girl that wants to be with us but never causes trouble.



5StarRags Skylar

Skylar is a seal bicolor baby. . She has the cutest face and the sweetest personality . Skylar is from our beautiful girl Brooke.


Mirumkitty Kimber of 5StarRags

Kimber is a seal bicolor girl that came to us all the way from Hungary. Thank you so much Judit for our beautiful and sweet girl Kimber. We love her so much


5StarRags Addie

Addie is a sweet seal bicolor girl from our own breeding. Addie is just a absolute sweetheart that hopefully will have babies later this Fall


5StarRags Pia

Pia is a seal mitted cutie that will be part of our next generation. Pia is a cutie and into everything we do. Love this girl.



Fairytaleragdolls Daisy of 5StarRags

Daisy is a very sweet, beautiful blue bicolor girl from our friend Jia of Fairytaleragdolls.  Daisy is an absolute sweetheart and loves to give kisses all night long. Daisy came to us from FairytaleRagdolls in Los Angeles. Thank you Jia for our sweet Daisy. We LOVE her.


5StarRags Kona

Kona is a seal bicolor girl that is so sweet and into everything. She is like my shadow, has to know what’s going on throughout there house.


5StarRags Dani

Dani is a blue lynx bicolor girl from our own breeding. She is a very special girl and loves to cuddle in bed. She is an absolute sweetheart and a very big girls