5-Star Rags Ragdolls

Beautiful, sweet, healthy Ragdolls from Hollister, California


Welcome to the home of 5 Star Rags gorgeous girls!

Our cats are our family, first, and we are honored to work to breed only the very highest of quality Ragdolls.
All of our cats are DNA tested HCM NEGATIVE

RW QGC Adorabledolls Rosie of 5 Star Rags

Rosie is Blue Lynx Mitted Girl that steals the show. She is a beautiful, outgoing cutie with the most stunning blue eyes. Rosie came to us from Adorabledolls. Thank You Carol Jaquez for this beautiful baby. We LOVE her!


Adorabledolls Makenzie of 5 Star Rags

Makenzie is a seal point bicolor girl that is Beautiful, Very Sweet and VERY big.. Mackenzie is a true lap cat.. You can never sit on the couch and watch TV alone as Makenzie thinks anybody’s lap is her nice warm bed to curl up and makes biscuits on. Mackenzie makes some beautiful big kittens. Makenzie came to us from Stuart and Carol Jaquez of Adorabledolls. Thank You Carol and Stuart for our Sweet, Loving Makenzie










CH Adorabledolls Lexi of 5 Star Rags

Lexi is a blue point bicolor and what a beautiful loving girl she is.. Lexi is always by my side no matter what I’m doing.. Lexi is a big girl with such a calm and easy going disposition.. Lexi caught the judges eyes at her first show where she also obtained her Champion title… Lexi came to us from Stuart and Carol Jaquez of Adorabledolls.. Thank you Stuart and Carol for our beautiful Lexi. We are so in love with this girl.

5StarRags Elsie

Elsie is a blue mitted girl that stole my heart from the very beginning. She is Sophie’s sister and is a HUGE girl. Her parents are Makenzie and RJ. Elsie is a sweetie pie and loves her attention.


Adorabledolls Nicky of 5 Star Rags

Nicky is a seal point bicolor girl that is an absolute sweetheart. She loves her attentions and her people. Nicky is big girl with a beautiful soft, shorter coat. Nicky is a fabulous mommy and makes some of the cutest kittens. Nicky came to us from Carol of Adorabledolls. Thank you Carol for our sweet Nicky.



5StarRags Kiley


Kiley is a seal mitted sweetie that is into everything. Playing with the vacuum is one of Kiley’s favorite things to do.

5 StarRags Hear Me Roar (Rory)

Rory is a seal mitted girl from our own breeding . Rory is a big girl and is a very sweet cuddle bug







5StarRags Annabella Blu (Bella)

Bella is a blue bicolor cutie that is a little party girl. Sweet as they come but has to be in the middle of everything we do.


** Up and Coming 5StarRag Girls**

Adorabledolls Morgan of 5StarRags

Morgan is a Seal Lynx Bicolor that came to us from Stuart and Carol Jaquez of Adorbaledolls. Morgan’s Parents are Adorabledolls Cashmere and CH Adorabledolls Ridley. Morgan is a sweetie pie that loves her attention. Thank you Carol for our sweet, beautiful Morgan.



Adorabledolls Jaylynn of 5StarRags



PL*Raggato Warta (AKA Julia)



Adorabledolls Desiree of 5StarRags



5StarRags Gabriella



Keepurrs Sabrina of 5StarRags



Adorabledolls Alena of 5StarRags



Adorabledolls Shania of 5StarRags