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Kitten Contract


ADDRESS______________________________________________City ST Zip____________

PHONE: E-MAIL ADDRESS: ______________________________________

SIRE OF KITTEN: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

DAM OF KITTEN: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

D.O.B. SEX: _______ COLOR & PATTERN: _______________________________________________________________________

PURCHASE PRICE: $_________________Non Refundable DEPOSIT: $____________________ AMOUNT DUE: $_________________________
Any money exchanged, may be refunded in full and sale cancelled by 5StarRags, for any reason.

Terms of Deposit and Sale:
Ragdoll is sold as a Pet w/ no breeding rights.

1. Seller represents and warrants that the Ragdoll is in good health to the best of our knowledge. Within 72 hours of receipt of kitten, Buyer may, at his/her option and sole expense, have said Ragdoll examined by a licensed veterinarian. If such veterinarian certifies to Seller within twenty-four hours of such examination that the examination revealed any defect in health of said Ragdoll, Seller shall, upon return of the Ragdoll in same condition to Seller, provide Buyer with a full refund. Upon no condition shall Seller be responsible for payment of any medical treatment of said Ragdoll by the Buyer.

2. Seller will not be held responsible for any type of common feline infections known to affect cats beyond the seventy- two hour health guarantee.

3. Seller guarantees the Ragdoll does not have FELV at the time of pickup, delivery or shipment.

4. Seller agrees to replace the Ragdoll with another pet quality Ragdoll, though not necessarily the same age, color, or pattern as the original Ragdoll, if two years from the Ragdoll’s date of birth, said Ragdoll is found to have any hereditary or congenital defects which caused the death of said Ragdoll, and is demonstrated and confirmed beyond any reasonable doubt by a written necropsy report, performed and signed by a licensed Board Certified Veterinary Pathologist, and provided to Seller.

5. None of the following actions are to be done to the said Ragdoll, under any circumstances, or any and all health guarantees will be null and void immediately:
1. Multiple vaccines given at the same time
2. FIP vaccine given at any time
3. Ragdoll is not to be declawed
4. Ragdoll is not to be allowed outside
5. No Chlamydia vaccine is to be given at any time. Also, known as the 4 in 1 vaccine

Buyer’s Initials indicate you understand the five conditions listed above, in item # 5. Buyers Initials__________________

6. Seller does not vaccinate for Feline Leukemia (FELV), and accepts no responsibility for a negative outcome should Buyer vaccinate for this disease.

7 .Buyer agrees that kitten will stay in their possession. If at any time, the kitten is relocated, Seller is to be notified.

8. This agreement is made in the State of California and is subject to the laws of this state.  It is agreed that the laws of any other state or country have no authority on this transaction

Buyer: Date:
Buyer’s signature indicates that you fully understand and accept all clauses of this purchase agreement:
Seller: Date:

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